Analysis of The Beatles, Example No.12 "Demonstration of Proposition" (Summary in English)

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Here in this blog I have been emphasizing the importance of "corrective verification and quantification" with which we should think the direction and verification about politics, global warming and all our matters in the society as well as special technological matters.
This way of thinking has rarely been applied to music or arts, but I would try to apply this to The Beatles in order to analyze why they became so successful and consider if we could create any more success superior to The Beatles.
I believe that this way is unique and the process is interesting, and finally this will bring happiness to us.

One of the most key things in the above way of thinking would be how to demonstrate (prove) a proposition like "A → B".
"A → B" means "If the statement A is true, then the statement B is true."
If the proposition "A → B" is demonstrated to be true, A is called "necessary condition" for B, and B is called "enough condition" for A.
If any example as A which does not satisfy B, the proposition is demonstrated to be fault.

If both the propositions, "A → B" and "B → A", are demonstrated to be true, A and B are called "necessary and enough" condition for each other.
In this case the regions A and B are exactly equivalent.

In any field and theme, building a proposition and its verification are very important.
Otherwise, the discussion is just of interest and will never lead useful result.

Here, I define that the statement B is "Become successful like The Beatles".
As I told above, finding out necessary conditions A would be my hope.
Ultimately I would like to find out a necessary and enough condition.

So far my idea of candidates for A would be the following which have been delivered through my analyses up to now.
A1 = "Low-tone part is in variety (better 1/f fluctuation)"
A2 = "There were many and in variety leaderships and corresponding follower ships in the "bigger" definition of The Beatles (ie, The Beatles containing the surroundings")"

Then I would propose possible causes of A1 and A2 as follows.

A1-1 : The bass player (ie, Paul) had talents in music and was originally a guitar player.
A1-2 : The bass (and guitar) was semi acoustic.
A1-3 : The bass and guitar was in short scale.
A1-4 : John had multiple art talents and affect on Paul's music sense
A1-5 : The Beatles and the related people had scientific senses as well.

A2-1 : The producer (ie, George Martin) and other related people surrounding The Beatles were excellent and very positive, and made good decisions.
A2-2 : The members of The Beatles were continuously very positive and aggressive, and drove the surrounding people aggressive.

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