Aspect and Proposal for 2012 and Beyond

Dear readers and whomever support or be interested in my blog,

I am very glad to have the happy new year and share this great moment with you.
I would really hope that everything will be well with you and your family.

This year should mean a great step in my life.
Because my work place and job assignment has changed today, and I insist to creat any practical structure for my life work, ie, so called "think tank" for the government.

As I have been showing in my blog, my entire goal is that we Japanese can live with happiness and vividness both physically and mentally.
But on the other hand, I do not like foreign countries be sacrificed.
It would be better for Japan to share a win-win situation with other countries.
So that, I am wiriting this article in English.

To do so, I have the following two fundamental ideas.
1. Japan should have a clear and large vector which is particularlly strong in Japan.
2. Japan must improve the government financial deficit from both short term and long term viewpoints.

Let me explain the above two points a little bit.
No.1 is called "national strategy" sometimes.
Because of no clear vectors currently, each private company and its indivisual has various and different vector to each other.
This trend is also seen in the private life of each citizen.
This brings chaos to our life.
If Japan has a clear, large and strong vector, our life will be improved and Japan's GDP will grow.

No.2 is a big headache of Japan, but we do not have any good ideas to solve it so far.
I think novel ideas be necessary.

Then I would like to show you my proposals for the two points shortly.

For No.1, I think we should have a novel and strong energy field which can bring large additional values.
I think energy (or resource) be more essential than higher dimentional industries to have a vector.
If we find out a novel enery (or resource), additional values will be multiplly growed at latter steps (if they are located in Japan).

For No.2, my basic ideas are as follows.
Short term solution:
1) Strengthen management for budget control
2) Clarify and strengthen the role and decision right of the prime minister
3) Improve the multiple decision makings between the government and the ministries, and simlify the decision making system.
4) Refer to the system of private companies which have abilities to makes profits certainly.

Long term solution:
This is same as the approach of the fundamental idea No.1 (create a clear and large vector which gives a GDP growth).

Besides, of cource I will continue writing articles on Beatles and other music interests.
One of the dreams is to compose a new bass line for The Long and Winding Road which is based on my "triangle theory".

Finally I would like to ask you to visit my blog frequently and have any comments freely.
Have nice new year holidays!

ST Rocker

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Hello,ST Rocker-san,
Today's article is difficult for me.
However I understand you have a passion to improve Japanese economy and politics.
Thank you for your wonderful blog always.
I'd like to visit this blog often this year too.


Thank you!

Hello, mittan-san,
I would also like to appreciate your frequent visits to my blog!
I am happy to hear your feeling about my passion and articles.
And I am sorry this article is difficult.
I will try to make it less difficult.
I will create many happy contents this year.
Best regards,

ST Rocker

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